The First Web3 Adventure!

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in card gaming! OMI Card Game brings the classic thrill of collectible card battles to the blockchain. As the pioneer of OMI games in the Web3 universe, we're rewriting the rules and reshuffling the deck.

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is the next generation of Omi the card game which is powered by the

  • OMI Gold Token

Anyone around the world can play by themselves or play with their friends as a team too and start earning while having fun.

What makes OMI GOLD
so Special?


The 1st web3 Omi experience

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Unique NFT Collectible Bank

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Use what you earn in both the game and the real world(GameFi)

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Level Ups

Exciting Level Ups

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Who can play

Card Game Enthusiasts

If you've ever tried exciting web3 card games, OMI GOLD is going to be your next obsession.

Blockchain Adventurers

You are going to have the chance to dive into the metaverse, where cards are more than pixels - they're assets with real-world value.

Web3 Trailblazers

You have the opportunity to be a part of history because OMI GOLD is going to be the bridge between traditional card gaming and the decentralized future.


For you, this is a great side hustle because the play-to-earn model offers exciting opportunities for financial growth and personal fulfilment.

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