Tournament Rules & Regulations

Effective Date: January 1, 2022

Following rules & regulations will be imposed for tournaments,

  1. You will be charged for the next tournament a day before the tournament starts
  2. If the charging failed, you won’t be able to join the tournament until you retry and complete the payment
  3. Your earnings of coins on that day will be the score for the leaderboard
  4. Following earning methods are allowed,
    • Watching Ads
    • Winning Games
    • Daily Rewards
  5. Winners will receive the rewards within 24 hours after the tournament ends
  6. We are not responsible for any issues, network failures regarding your service provider
  7. Please verify your payment status on the tournament leaderboard
  8. If you unsubscribe in the middle of a tournament, you won’t be eligible for that tournament. You have to keep your subscription until the tournament ends
  9. You have to keep connected to the internet to update your scores on the leaderboard. Offline scores will not be synced
  10. Unfair attempts to score on the leaderboard will ban your number forever. (This includes cheating, abusing, and manipulation of services provided by us or your service provider)